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Near St Tropez, France




Live In, own bathroom





Start Date

May 2020


2 Small Dogs

Children Ages

3G, 6G & 8B

We are looking to home school the children in France for 2 months - May and June 2020. I is 8 years old, in year 3, L is 6 years old, in year 1 and E will soon be 4 yrs old and will start reception class in london in September.

Our objectives for home schooling in France are:
- to give the children a ‘different experience’ from school
- to be able to tailor the education to the children individually according to their needs. particularly for I - see more below
- to be able to give the children a more project based way of learning. Concentrating on english and maths in the morning, but getting out and about for projects and activities in the afternoon to support their learning
- improve their french. I and L currently have 5 hours of french lessons a week and as we have a house in france we would like to build on this good foundation. The French nanny will mainly do this, but grammar lessons from the teacher would be good if they spoke French.
- the focus will naturally be on I and L's maths and english

We are looking for:
- a teaching couple, or good friends to live with us for 2 months.
- a dynamic, out going, energetic approach
- a ‘think outside the box’ approach to learning - what can we learn out of the classroom, and off the paper?
- experience teaching the english curriculum to these ages
- willingness to liaise with the childrens future school
- experience with dyslexia and related difficulties

The last point relates to I. We had an educational assessment done for her last summer. She has a high IQ but a lower working memory. This has affected her reading and writing and mental maths. She currently has a tutor to help with these in Hong Kong, but she will certainly be behind other children her age in these areas when she gets back to london. Our aim is to try to help her catch up a bit during our time in France.

Anyway, that is a very brief over view of what we are looking for. We have spare bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms so plenty of space. The tutors would need to be able to drive (car offered for local visits) and of course weekends and evening would be free to go and explore! Our house is in Grimaud, in the South of France. It is a stunning part of the world!


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