Live out Nanny

Ravenscourt Park, London




Live out


£380 net per week (all year) / £12 net hourly


24 hours term time, 44 hours holidays

Start Date




Children Ages

7B & 10G

We have a 7-yr-old son and 10-yr-old daughter. Main part of the role is to collect the children from school (they go to the same school) by bus, bring them home by bus, oversee their homework, cook their tea, give them a bath and get them ready for bed. It is a very important year for my daughter as she is sitting her 11+ in January 2020 and it is vital that the after-school routine is followed to, is calm and organised and well-structured. She does not need help as much as supervision to make sure she gets everything done she needs to. My son does need some help with his homework as he is still mastering his letters, numbers eg times tables and in particular reading.It's a question of motivating them calmly and patiently!

Another key aspect to the role is cooking healthy food and encouraging them to try new food. They are both very fussy.

Before school pick-up, we are looking for someone flexible and helpful who is happy to hang the washing (I will put it in the machine before I leave for work in the morning), fold dry washing, empty dishwasher, prepare food for children's tea and do odd task eg collect parcel or buy some milk. There is no cleaning required as we have a cleaner.The candidate needs to be happy that my husband works from home several days a week (this varies on a weekly basis). He keeps himself to himself and the children are used to him working from home and do not disturb him. His office is two floors up at the top of the house.

We have two cats so the candidate needs to like cats!We are looking for someone very tidy and clean as I am very tidy and clean myself, organised, communicative, patient and kind.

My son loves nature, lego, chess, board games and my daughter loves dolls, painting her nails, hair styling etc. They are quite different! They are both quite musical and play a few instruments (my daughter piano, singing and recorder and my son recorder but starting piano this term).

We are a friendly British family and will try our nanny with respect and be as supportive and helpful as we can. We both work so we really need someone we can rely on. We are not super pushy parents but unfortunately the West London school scene is pretty demanding on the children at their young ages so we need someone who respects their homework schedules and can adhere to them.

Manners are very important to us as is respect and bringing our children up to be responsible and nice adults. We have strong values and try not to shout. I would say we are pretty calm and quiet but we try to get them to do lots of exercise at the weekend and have lots of fun too.Start ASAP

Tuesday-Friday 13.00-19.00 - term time (32 weeks per year)
Tuesday-Friday 08.00-19.00 - holidays (20 weeks per year)

Salary: £12 net per hour worked or the family will average the salary across the year to £380 net per week.


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