TGNC, the leading nanny agency, has been working within the childcare recruitment sector for many years and is proficient in headhunting only the best Nannies for your most cherished. When it comes to choosing who will care for your children in your absence, you can never be too careful. That is why TGNC completes thorough employment checks on all Nannies, ensures they have enough age related experience to be able to competently safeguard your children and is working in the industry with pure passion for the job. Being a Nanny is the most important job in the world in our eyes and only the best is acceptable for your most cherished.   Our fee’s are set and there are no surprises when hiring with us, unlike other agencies who charge you dependent on what you are paying your nanny. Everyone is treated the same when hiring through TGNC, everyone gets our best and equal service no matter who you are.

What Is A Nanny?

A qualified/experienced individual caring for children in the children’s home on a live in or live out basis. A Nanny will either work alongside a parent or as a sole carer.

Nanny Duties

• To provide a safe, secure and loving environment for the children.
• To promote and facilitate the child’s happiness and all-round development i.e. physical, intellectual, language, emotional, social and spiritual.
• To provide play activities according to the child’s age and abilities, this includes outings.
• To undertake the responsibility for the care of the children’s rooms, laundry and toys.
• To provide the child with a well-balanced diet.
• To ensure that parents’ guidelines and disciplinary rules are followed.

Will A Nanny Babysit?

Yes, at prearranged times a daily Nanny is normally happy to babysit at a rate of £10 per hour.
Live in Nannies will do two nights of babysitting per week as part of weekly salary.

Nanny Working Hours

• Full time 10-12 hours per day, 5 days per week
• Part time 3-6 hours per day, 1-5 days per week
• Weekend 4-12 hours per day, just at weekends

Nanny Salaries

• Live Out Nanny from £10-15 net per hour as an average
• Live In Nanny from £350 net per week as an average
• Temporary Nanny £12+ net per hour as an average
Nannies salaries are always spoken about in Net terms, families are responsible for paying the Nannies Tax and NI.

Nanny Holiday Entitlements

Daily nannies are entitled to a minimum 28 days paid holiday. Holiday time is taken at a mutually agreed time. Some families agree holiday time using a combination of 2 weeks the Family chooses and 2 weeks the Nanny chooses.

Responsibilities As An Employer

The employer of a daily nanny should provide her lunch during a normal working day. If the Nanny works overtime, is taken on holiday, breakfast and/or dinner should also be provided. The employer of a live in nanny should provide 3 square meals a day and a private bedroom for theNanny. The employer is responsible for paying the nannies tax and national insurance.


We are not comparable to any other agency in the UK, as we offer the most competative fees in London and the longest replacement guarantee or even a refund should things not work out! We are a large agency in that we have lots of candidates and clients, but our team is kept small and close knit. We believe in excellent customer reltations so you will always speak with the same account manager about your role. We also like to have good working relations with our candidates and really get to know them by interviewing with them more than once and keeping up to date with their current status. Our main aim is to find you the perfect fit, your ‘forever candidate’ that gives stability, trust and reliability within your home. It goes without saying, that we personally speak with all referees by phone, take detailed information about not only the role they worked in but how previous employers got along with the candidate on a personal level. We also take copies of their ID, current address and all certifications on offer. We are thorough with our checks, so you have 100% peace of mind.


Visit to register your role with TGNC. Fee: £25 to register your role with TGNC and start the process.


Would like to offer the role to a TGNC candidate? TGNC will make the offer on your behalf. Fee: £100 to secure a candidate for the role.


Once you have selected those you wish to interview, TGNC will arrange these on your behalf and send you a confirmation. Free Service.


We can supply a personalised contract for your role to save you the bother of getting this in place. You are able to edit certain areas to make it suit your role.


Have someone you may wish to employ? TGNC conducts thorough background checks on candidates. Fee: £25 per candidate documentation.

Start Date

Candidate arrives to start work and the placement is complete – Happy Days!