Looking to hire a Mother’s Help or a Father’s Help within your home? TGNC the mother’s help agency can help, we have a database of candidates who have a childcare background. The best thing about a Mother’s Help is that they are not just employed to help with the children, they are your right hand man/woman. They will help around the home, go grocery shopping and even walk the dog. That being said, most are looking to further their experience within the childcare sector so childcare roles should be at least 50% of the time and have a mother or father at home working alongside them. These roles are offered both on a live in and live out basis and you can specify if you would like someone sporty, young, mature, Spanish, English, driver etc. As with all our placements, we are finding you the best matched candidate to the role so be as picky as you like when working with TGNC – the more information we have the better.

What Is Mother's Help

Mother’s Helps normally work alongside the mother, caring for the children. A Mother’s Help is not a cleaner, and so is not expected to do household duties, but she will do “nursery duties” i.e. doing the children’s washing and ironing, keeping their rooms tidy, clearing away the toys, cooking for the children and clearing up in the kitchen afterwards. A Mother’s Help may also do light duties such as the family shopping, or loading and unloading the family washing. All duties should be discussed and agreed in advance with the Mothers’ Help you hire. Salaries vary depending upon the job description and part of the country.

Will A Mother’s Help Babysit

Yes of course, this is included for unto two nights if living in or paid extra for a live out Mother’s Help at her standard rate.

Mother’s Help Working Hours

Varies on each role and each families needs, this can be a few hours per week to 60 hours per week

Mother’s Help Salaries

The salary of a Mother’s Help again varies on the circumstances of the role, hours and duties.  Of course, every role needs to be above national living wage of £10.20 per hour Gross. The going rate for a mother’s help is £10.00-12.00 per hour Net if live out and £8.00-10.00 per hour net if live in.

Mother’s Help Holiday Entitlements

Daily nannies are entitled to a minimum 28 days paid holiday. Holiday time is taken at a mutually agreed time. Some families agree holiday time using a combination of 2 weeks the Family chooses and 2 weeks the Mother’s Help chooses.

Responsibilities As An Employer

The employer of a daily nanny should provide her lunch during a normal working day. If the Mother’s Help works overtime, is taken on holiday, breakfast and/or dinner should also be provided. The employer of a live in Mother’s Help should provide 3 square meals a day and a private bedroom for the Mother’s Help. The employer is responsible for paying the nannies tax and national insurance.


We are not comparable to any other agency in the UK, as we offer the most competative fees in London and the longest replacement guarantee or even a refund should things not work out! We are a large agency in that we have lots of candidates and clients, but our team is kept small and close knit. We believe in excellent customer reltations so you will always speak with the same account manager about your role. We also like to have good working relations with our candidates and really get to know them by interviewing with them more than once and keeping up to date with their current status. Our main aim is to find you the perfect fit, your ‘forever candidate’ that gives stability, trust and reliability within your home. It goes without saying, that we personally speak with all referees by phone, take detailed information about not only the role they worked in but how previous employers got along with the candidate on a personal level. We also take copies of their ID, current address and all certifications on offer. We are thorough with our checks, so you have 100% peace of mind.


Visit to register your role with TGNC. Fee: £25 to register your role with TGNC and start the process.


Would like to offer the role to a TGNC candidate? TGNC will make the offer on your behalf. Fee: £100 to secure a candidate for the role.


Once you have selected those you wish to interview, TGNC will arrange these on your behalf and send you a confirmation. Free Service.


We can supply a personalised contract for your role to save you the bother of getting this in place.


Have someone you may wish to employ, TGNC conducts thorough background checks on candidates. Fee: £25 per candidate documentation.

Start Date

Candidate arrives at your home to help take the pressure off and starts being that helping hand. Final fee paid before start date.