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Ref: 01260319
Live in Nanny Wanted
Location: Parsons Green
Zone 2
Children: 2G + 4G
Hours: Monday 7am – 12pm and 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday 7am – 9am and 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday 7am – 12pm and 3pm – 7pm
Thursday 7am – 9am and 3pm – 7pm
Friday 7am – 12pm and 3pm – 7pm+ 2 nights of babysitting a week.
Pay: £340 weekly Net
Start Date: ASAP
Family in the Parsons Green with 2 young girls (aged 2 and 4) need someone to support and be a playmate for the girls. The role is shared care, Mum is around but needs some time to get her work done, attend appointments etc so there will be sole care involved too. The youngest attends nursery 2 mornings (to be increased gradually) and the eldest is at school full time.They need help with school drop off / collection and juggling playdates in the afternoons. When the girls don’t have any playdates, someone who can get involved with imaginative play, dressing up, going to the park and doing arts and craftsLooking someone who is very organised, happy to muck in around the home but not be expected to be a cleaner. Keeping the home tidy of the children’s mess is essential. A keen eye for detail is essential. Children’s laundry and ironing included in your duties. You will also be cooking yummy healthy meals for the children (they are great eaters!) 2 nights babysitting to be included, own double room and bathroom in a separate part of the house so it feels very private. Dad travels lots for work, we have two cats. Good English needed.


Ref: 01170519
Live in Family Assistant
35 hours per week
£235.00 per week Gross, babysitting paid extra when needed
Start: December 2019 or January 2020
Children: 7 year old
Small dog in residence
Driver essential – school drop off/pick up
Usual before and after school duties required with care of 7 year old girl. Their current help is leaving after 7 years(!) and now they require someone who is able to help with school runs, keeping the home tidy and clean and maybe booking a flight or similar tasks. Role will be to start in December or January. Live in only and requires a driver as essential please. Hours are 7-10am and 3-7pm.


Ref: 01210519
Mothers Help/Family Assistant
London – Willesden Green – zone 2
Start: June
Stay: 6 months +
Children: 8 and 5 boys
Hours: 25 (Afternoons only)
Pay: £153-205 per week depending on age.
Daily Hours: 3-8pm Monday-Friday
we are looking for someone to join our awesome family.
my boys are bright and fierce individuals who will make you laugh like crazy and run around a lot! this is definitely the place for someone with lots of energy.
They love football, ping pong, messy art, dinosaurs, bugs!
Some Friday afternoons will be off as Mum likes to not work on a Friday. Possible a couple of morning drop offs if Mum needs to go somewhere for work, but not often. Most mornings are not needed.
Single Mum, (Dad lives nearby and spends the weekends with the family – they are very close still) needs someone to help her for the after school part of the day. 1 night of babysitting per week only. the boys finish school at 3.20 so you would collect them from school and if the weather is good you would take them to the park nearby which is a 5 minute walk nearby, .normally they would come home around 5 for supper at 5.30 – all meals can be discussed but we are definitely up for healthy eating and it may be that you spend an hour a week preparing some food to freeze etc as there isn’t always time to make something from scratch. after supper a little bit of time would be spend playing and doing homework. bath time is around 6ish, if I am home then I will hang out them whilst the employee does some light housework (tidying up boys mess, they tidy their own toys, kitchen mess, laundry etc) Bedtime is around 7.30 in the winter or 8ish in the summer and I will put them to bed (except for babysitting nights). we don’t allow tv during the wk for the boys. We have a beautiful home in an eclectic and multi cultural part of north west london, we are close to gorgeous parks such as Queens Park, Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath. the Local high street still have fishmongers which are a rare sight these days amongst the mass of supermarkets and its a busy, vibrant area which is bustling with culture.
We are a 5 min walk from the tube on the bakerloo line is direct to central london and takes about 20 mins. Own double bedroom, with own toilet attached – bath/shower shared with family.


Ref: 01080419
Live In Nanny wanted in Earlsfield, SW London
Hours: Term time 30, 50 in School Holidays
Salary: £300 Gross in term time, £450 gross in holidays
Children: Boys 3 and 5 (both at school full time)
Start date: ASAP
Stay duration: 1 year +
Monday – Friday Term Time
7:30-8:30am & 3-7pm
Monday – Friday School Holidays
2 nights babysitting per week inc up to 2 per month at weekends (nights only).
In the morning, assist with breakfast, loading and unloading the dishwasher, getting the kids ready for school, helping out on shoes and coats and packing book bags and snacks for clubs. Occasional 1 school drop off (school is. 10 minute walk away but parents try to do this as often as possible). Putting on a load of laundry, tidying the kids bedrooms and toys. In the afternoon, collecting the boys from school,
bringing them home for a snack. Playing with them for an hour or taking them to the park in the summer. Arranging and hosting play dates with local friends. Cooking dinner from scratch for the boys – this just means, no frozen meals please (best to prep meal ahead of time) they eat at about 5pm. Giving them a bath at 6pm and we normally get home between 6:30-7pm to put them to bed. On babysitting nights, you would need to read them a story and brush their teeth before putting them to bed as well.
Accommodation is own double room, shared bathroom with the children.


Ref: 01140519
Live In
Alexandra Palace, London zone 3
Salary: £170-200 Gross per week (babysitting paid extra if needed)
Hours: 30.5 per week
Start: First week of June 2019
Children: Twins aged 2
Monday 7.00-10.00, 16.30-19.30 – 6
Tuesday 07.00-09.00, 12.00-19.30 – 9.5
Wednesday 07.00-09.00, 17.00-19.30 – 4.5
Thursday 07.00-09.00, 17.00-19.30 – 4.5
Friday 7.00-10.00, 16.30-19.30 – 6
2.5 year old twins (Boy and Girl).
• assisting with bath time routine
• dressing the children
• feeding them
• cleaning them up after every meal
• taking them to playdates
• preparing various age-appropriate activities – e.g. games, crafts and reading
• playing with them and taking them to the park
• making sure they are always happy and safe
• changing nappies and helping with potty/toilet training
• teaching general life skills, such as basic hygiene and manners
Housekeeping duties would include
• Tidying toys away at end of each day
• loading / unloading dishwasher
• washing up items that do not fit in dishwasher
• unpacking grocery delivery
• folding away freshly ironed clothes
• doing the laundry and some ironing for the family
• ensuring children’s’ bedroom is always clean
• preparing healthy meals for the family
Recently fully renovated Victorian terraced house. Family home for a young family. The loft floor has been converted and there are two bedrooms. One would be for employee (a single room at the read of the house) and the employee is welcome to use the larger room for TV watching and general relaxing when not being used by guests or as home office by employer.
The local area is nice and popular with young families. There is an excellent park within 5 minutes walk. The transport connections are good from Alexandra Palace station. Very close to Muswell Hill and Crouch End.


Ref: 01130519
Live In Nanny/Housekeeper
Finchley/Hendon Central
Children: baby 6 months(b), 5(g), 7(b)
Hours: Monday-Friday 7-7 ideally the option of Saturday morning too to those happy for extra salary or swapped for Thursday morning
Pay: £2250-2452 gross per month
Start date: ASAP
We are a warm, fun-loving, easy going family who love spending time outdoors, listening to/dancing to and playing music, swimming, laughing and having quality family time.
I (the mother) am currently on maternity leave so the role will be shared care with me until around October/November (when the baby will be 14 months old) and then a sole care role. The description below covers what the role will be once I return to work (4 days a week). Between now and when I return to work things will be a lot more flexible as I will sometimes look after the older kids and leave you with the baby or vice versa, and there will be lots of time to learn about the big kids, the baby and the household etc.
Both older children are in school (almost opposite our home/less than a minute walk) from 8.20/8.30am until 4pm every day. You would be responsible for giving the children breakfast, preparing school snacks for the older children and walking them to school. In the afternoons you would collect them from school, make and give them dinner, supervise any after school activities (currently swimming, piano and a tutor – all in our own home so no travelling involved), help with homework and reading and put them to bed. They are always in bed by 6.30/7pm and are very easy going and well behaved regarding bedtime. They are excellent sleepers and do not wake up/get out of bed after that time.
During the day (except on the day I don’t work) you will have sole care of the baby. There will be a number of activities in walking distance that you will have the option of taking him to or ideas of other activities at home. I can provide a clear plan for each day, but am equally open and flexible if you have your own ideas as to how the days could be structured for the baby. We can agree this together nearer the time when I return to work. When the big children are at school and especially when the baby is sleeping and you are not having your lunch(!), you will be responsible for all housework duties (including cleaning, tidying, washing and ironing) and cooking. We do have a cleaner who comes in at the weekend to help with the heavy cleaning too. You will normally cook one family meal every day that we all eat (including the baby). There will be flexibility regarding housework depending on the baby’s schedule (how much he sleeps!) and also during school holidays if the children are not at camp so the role is more childcare focused i.e. outings and activities.
Our Home: Suburban area with a lovely community feel whilst also being only short tube/bus ride directly into central London. Our home is very close to everything you need (shops/school/station/parks etc.) and also walking or short bus distance to a large Shopping Centre. We have a large tidy semi-detached family home with a big colourful garden (we love gardening!) and a swimming pool. We are Jewish and have a kosher home (please note, no experience in kosher is necessary as it is very easy to explain/teach). Start date: As soon as the correct Nanny/Housekeeper is found.


Ref: 01030519
Live in Family Assistant Wanted (OWN HOUSE GIVEN!)
WOKING, Surrey
Pay: £180 with babysitting paid as extra if needed
Hours: 30 per week Mon-Fri
Start: Flexible
Children: 4 girl plus two teenagers whom dont need care!
8-10am then 3-7pm Mon to Fri are the hours needed.
Working parents need someone to come and help care for their 4 year old girl, who goes to school full time. School is walking distance from the house. The train station is 5 minutes walk and you can reach central London in 20 minutes should you wish to go for the weekend!
They need someone to help with keeping the house tidy and cooking an evening meal for the children. They do have a cleaner who comes 2 times per week.
They provide a separate house in the garden for the candidate, which comprises of a double bedroom, bathroom, seating area and kitchen area too – all for yourself! Own entrance.


Ref: 03030519
Live in Junior Nanny Wanted
Walkern, Stevenage (25 mins to London by train)
Hours: 35 per week
Salary: £235.35 with no babysitting or £287.35 with 2 nights babysitting.
Start Date: End of June please
Children: 3 boys 4, 2 and 6 months
We will need help with a big house move from London to the country. We start to move on the 28th June and move to Walkern when the boys finish school on 5th July. We need someone friendly, energetic, sporty, flexible, adaptable, patient, caring, tidy and organised, a good cook and above all willing to muck in with our daily routine of complete madness. I am a stay at home mum and most important thing to me is that we all have fun and the kids are happy and healthy!
The routine will include helping get the boys dressed, clean and fed in the mornings, occasionally help with school runs if not look after my youngest whilst i get the others to school, feed the boys lunch, dinner, keep the boys rooms and living areas tidy, playdates, bathing boys, feeding them, help with washing clothes etc 2 nights babysitting per week. Join us on family holidays. Generally helping me out and being a “best friend / sisterly” type figure to the boys and a fun /caring person to have around the house.
Usual hours will be approx 7.30-9.30 /10.30 and 3.30-7 Monday to Friday.
The area has beautiful views and is just a 12-15 minute drive to Stevenage station which has excellent links to central london – my husband will be commuting in everyday to work! We will all be exploring the area together as i have never lived there before but my parents live on a farm just 20 minutes away so no doubt we will be there a lot too!


Ref: 01010519
Live in Junior Nanny Wanted
Location: Finchley
Hours: 30 + 1 night babysitting (included)
Monday – 7.30-11/3.30-6.30
Tuesday – 7.30-9.30/2.30-6.30
Wednesday – 7.30-11/3.30-6.30
Thursday – 7.30-9.30/2.30-6.30
Friday – 7.30-11/4-5.30 + 1 night babysitting
Pay: £210 NET per week (£221 Gross)
Children: 7b, 5b and newborn G
Start Date: July 2019
The role will involve getting 2 boys ready for school in the morning, helping with breakfast and tidying up after breakfast. Mum will do school runs so you will be looking after newborn while she is out dropping the boys off or running errands
Looking after baby while mum picks boys up from school and/or takes to after school activities and then dinner bath and bed routine.
Throughout the day help with all usual nursery duties around the home.


Ref: 089304
London – Queenstown Road – Zone 2
FRENCH SPEAKING Live in Family Assistant
Start: August 2019
Children: 3 and 1 years
Hours: 40 hours – 8am-4pm Monday-Friday
Pay: £330 gross per week
I would expect the candidate to look after both boys (3.5 years and 13 months) when they were around, however the three year old is at nursery 5 days a week from 8.30 – 3pm. So the majority of the time would be caring for the 18 month old boy – giving him his meals, milk, naps, taking him to the park and to playgroups and generally caring for him. I (mother) work from home so would be in the house but frequently leave for meetings. Our ideal candidate would be French as the boys go (and will go) to French nursery so we need French spoken at home. Our house is a small Victorian terraced house in Battersea off the Queenstown Road. The ground floor has a medium sized eat in kitchen and adjoining sitting room.
The family live on the 1st floor and the candidate would live on the 2nd floor which has a single bedroom and adjoining shower room. We are English speaking but we are looking for a candidate to speak French with the boys. We are looking for a happy enthusiastic candidate who loves children and loves playing with children. Ideally someone with good common sense and sense of safety. Someone caring and friendly but also able to discipline where and when required.


Ref: 03270319
SPANISH SPEAKING Live In Family Assistant
Location: Herne Hill/Brixton
Hours: 30 per week
Pay: £231 per week gross
Children: 7 and 9 years
Start Date: August 2019
Stay: One year +
We require a Spanish speaking person to talk to children in Spanish. Daily duties will include assisting them getting ready for school, encouraging them to keep belongs tidy and organise their clothes for School. Supervise breakfast and walk them to school or their clubs. Collect them from school, ensure they have a healthy snack and give them a healthy dinner, supervise homework and music practice. Practice Spanish 2 times per week with them.
Other duties: Keep house tidy of children’s mess, load and unload dishwasher, change children’s bed sheets. Order and organise online food from Supermarket.
Our area: Leafy suburb, voted the best place in London to live. Lots of shops, cafe, pubs, bars and restaurants in both Herne Hill and Brixton. Two beautiful parks walking distance from the house and only 10 minutes on the train to central London.


Ref: 01200319
London – Holland Park
Live in Housekeeper/Nanny
Start Date: Next Week/April/May – depends on candidate availability
Children: 5g 4g 1b
Hours: 55 per week
Pay: £500-600 Per week NET (£33,000-£41,000 per annum)
English speaking household requires a Housekeeper to join their team to aid in the smooth running of their home, this is predominately a full housekeeping role, however there will be involvement with the children (Mum is home and cares for the children with help of a mothers help type already employed) and some cooking too. Deep cleaning, laundry, ironing and day to day assisting around the home. They really would love the person to travel with them around Europe, this could include to Egypt – however African travel not required to those not wishing to go there.
Daily hours are 7am-7pm with an hour for lunch off. 2 nights babysitting will be asked of you.
The family provide your own basement accommodation, with own bedroom/bathroom and own entrance.
Good conversational English is required for this role, bonus if you speak Arabic. No driving needed. This position is to start as soon as Monday or they are flexible to wait until 01 May 2019 for those needing to give notice. This role does require a 2 year commitment (if you are happy there!) (with usual get out notice periods of course)- so only apply if you wish to remain in London for the foreseeable.


Ref: 9997813
London – Camden
Live in Housekeeper Sought
Hours: 50 hours Mon-Fri
Pay: £350-450 net weekly (WILL DEPEND ON YOUR EXPERIENCE)
Start: ASAP March
Children: 9,8,6 and 3 (all in full time education)
Pets: Dog
We are a friendly English family with a house in Camden and have 4 children 9,8,6 and 3 (and a dog). Duties are helping in the morning rush with the children with Mum, tidying up from breakfast, laundry, ironing and full cleaning of the home. Cooking an evening meal and watching over the children whilst mum does after school club runs etc. Dog walking also required. Key is someone efficient and organised who can help keep on top of all the food, clothes, washing etc. Ability to travel with us to Italy where we have a house preferred but not essential. Start date is ASAP. Private single bedroom, shared bathroom with the children. Must be able to meet in person. We live in a 5 floor Victorian House on one of Camden’s most attractive and famous streets. Near Primrose Hill and Regents Park, but also close to Camden Market. Some efficient who can muck in and become part of the family. Would suit someone with some previous experience. Good conversational English essential. Start NOW!


Ref: 04050319
Live in Family Assistant wanted
Kew Gardens Zone 3
Hours: 45 hours
7-9.30 and 2pm-8pm + 2 nights babysitting
Salary: £350 per week
Stay: 1 year plus
Children: 7 + 5 both girls
We are looking for someone who can join our family – we are 2 working parents although we work from home a bit as well, not in the office everyday. Two girls at school full time and we have a black labrador who is very friendly.
The day would start at 7am when we need help getting the girls ready, making breakfast and off to school in the morning after dropping the girls off there would be free time until 2pm and then pick up the girls from school and take to after school activities, help with homework, dinner for the girls when I am not home.
We will have a cleaner 2 or 3 times a week to clean the house, do bulk of laundry and ironing – Family Assistant will need to just help keep things tidy and ticking along with light housework, nursery duties, dog walking and running odd errands. The girls are very well-behaved, listen, fun-loving, kind and helpful around the house.


Live in Family Assistant in Harrow, London – zone 5
Accommodation offered: Own separate annex with ensuite.
Hours: 7-7 Mon-Fri
Child: 11 month old
Pay: £420 Gross a week
Start: Mid July or August 2019
We are a lovely new family in Harrow on the Hill looking for a long term family assistant to look after our baby girl who would be around 11 months at the time of our preferred start date. Should you decide to live-in we would be offering you our lovely cottage en suite annex to stay. We need someone who can drive for when our baby starts nursery and to take her to play groups. Hours will be sole care 7am to 7pm Mon-Fri. There will be some shared care at the start whilst Mum is waiting to go back to work and settling you into the job.


Ref: 01040219WE
London – South West London zone 2
LIVE OUT WEEKEND HELP – Good English Needed
Hours: 8am-6pm Sat and Sun
Pay: Hourly rate to be agreed – going rate.
Start: ASAP
Family have dogs
Looking for a good english speaking weekend help please! They will be looking after our children 3, 1 and a newborn (with Mum).
We have two gorgeous French Bulldogs, day will start with taking them for a walk and feeding them.
Helping with breakfast for the children, clear the kitchen and pack/unpack the dishwasher. Select clothes for the day and ensure that washing is on, nappy bags are set and lunch is defrosting. Getting children ready for the day(with the help of mum!) looking after one or two children, or taking to classes/parties etc as the weekend needs. Taking the dogs for a quick walk after breakfast and at lunch and at end of day. Maybe staying in the home whilst naps happen, then afternoons activities and home for 5pm dinner, 6pm bath.
We would also need some help with the laundry, changing the children’s bedsheets and just helping us manage the weekend fun!


Ref: 01201218
Live Out After School Nanny Wanted
Location: East Molesey/Walton-on-thames
Children: 5g 7b
Start: 07 January 2019
Driving Nanny (own car preferred)
Pay: £13-15 NET per hour
Days/Hours: Monday to Thursday 3-7.30pm
British family are seeking a driving after school Nanny for their children aged 5 and 7. The role does require a driver, someone with their own car (mileage paid of course) would be highly desirable. The role will require school pick up, after school activities, cooking of dinner, bath, homework help. We have 2 guinea pigs but no care required.


Ref: 02140519
Live Out Mothers Help / Nanny
Ravenscourt Park / Shepherds Bush
3-5 days 09.00-17.00 (Flexible) Tues-Thurs essential please
Pay: £10-12 net per hour (DOE)
Start Date: first week in June
Children: 7G, 3B, 1G
Supporting Mum in the care of their 3 children (Girl 7, Boy 3 and Girl 1) and day to day running of the house, in view of taking more sole charge when I eventually go back to work. The older 2 are at school
and nursery.
We have a weekly cleaner but the position would require light housekeeping and taking care of the house:
keeping the kitchen, bedrooms and playroom organised and tidy. Changing beds, Laundry, dishwasher emptying and filling.
Ironing when babysitting 2X per month.
Always checking the status of these before leaving for
the day and making sure everything is as tidy as possible. Getting kids clothes ready for the next day.
Reading, outdoor activities, creative games & crafty activities
Occasionally cooking healthy interesting food for the kids. An interest in cooking and nutrition would
be great. Ability to follow a recipe to help with batch cooking for the freezer would be great.
Occasionally picking up my eldest daughter and son from school/nursery nearby
Staying with the baby whilst I take the others to after school activities, or vice versa.
Taking baby to local groups when she is old enough
Occasionally doing bath time
Being proactive about playdates and organising fun activities locally. The position would require moving into our home occasionally for a night or 2 to take care of the kids
whilst we go away, all paid extra for of course.
2 nights a month babysitting per month.
The job would start off by being my right hand person…someone who can step in when needed without qualm.
Are you able to help this Mum out before she returns to work and you take the reins, sole charge?


Ref: 01110519
Live out child friendly Housekeeper wanted
Kew Gardens, South West London
3 days per week (Flexible) ideally Mon, Wed, Fri.
Hours: 09.30 or 10.00 to 18.30 or 19.00
Start date: ASAP
Salary: £12 per hour
Monday – Deep clean of whole house
Wednesday- light cleaning and help with cooking
Friday – light cleaning and maybe a trip to the park or cooking a roast! Travel to Italy during August would be appreciated but not essential. Mum is home with two girls aged 2 and 4. Although no childcare is required for the role, the housekeeper must be child friendly and happy to assist mum with a trip to the park.
The home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that requires full cleaning, help with cooking and all laundry.


Ref: 01100519
Live Out Nanny or Mothers Help Wanted in Fulham Broadway/West Brompton
Native English Speaking Required to teach the child English (Italian Native Family) or someone with FLUENCY in English.
Hours: 25 per week (this can be 5 afternoons or 3 full days)
Start date: ASAP until 02 July 2019 (or perm)
Children: 18 month old
Salary: £12 net per hour
Playing with our daughter, taking her to play dates, family club, cooking for her/cooking some food to be frozen for later use, when possible cooking for the whole family/do some washing up etc. Our Daughter is a bit shy but also very bubbly…we are looking for someone who is very warm and loving but also energetic and ‘bubbly’ enough to have fun with her. We need the Nanny/Mothers Help to teach our daughter English but in a fun way by games, songs etc. The role can be 3 full days per week or 5 afternoons, as the candidate prefers. The position will involve some shared care with Mum.


Ref: 03020419
Live Out Nanny Wanted (Fluency in English speaking required please to aid in language development of youngest)
Clapham Common/South
Children: 9g, 6b, 7month girl
Pay: £12 net (£45,500 gross per year)
Driver essential
Start: Mid June ideally
British family living in Clapham require a live out Nanny to join them in June 2019 for a long term position. Their current Nanny is leaving after being with them for 5 years – she is returning home to Australia.
The family have 3 children, who are currently aged 9g, 6b, 7month girl. The older two children spend Wednesday-Saturday at their fathers home, so all three children are only home on a Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday morning each week. The youngest is always home and which will be the Nanny’s main focus whilst the other two are at school.
Mum’s partner works from home all the time, they have assured us he will 100% not get under the nanny’s toes – they respect that most Nannies don’t like a parent getting involved in the day! Mum works from home on a Tuesday, this just gives the nanny extra support in getting all 3 children up and out the door when all are at home. Otherwise, it is expected to be a sole care role.
A driver is essential for this role, to ferry the children to and from school and activities/play dates etc. A car will be provided for the working use of these duties.
The family would like for the Nanny to be helping with keeping the children’s areas and bedrooms tidy, unloading the dishwasher each morning. They have a cleaning lady who comes 3 times per week so no ‘cleaning’ needed as such, just tidying up through the day as usually expected. Children’s meals will need to be cooked by the Nanny, they eat pretty simple meals.