TGNC has been working within the private recruitment sector for many years and is proficient in headhunting only the most meticulous and thorough Housekeepers for our clients. When it comes to choosing who will care for your house and home, you can never be too careful. That is why TGNC completes comprehensive background checks on all candidates, ensures they have precise knowledge and understanding of your requirements and come recommended by your neighbours. Hiring staff within your home is such a personal affair, let us help you make the right choice.

Housekeeper Duties

Housekeepers will undertake all combinations of duties, including cleaning, laundry, ironing and other specialist skills, such as silver and antique care.

Housekeeper Salary

For residential placements, Housekeepers generally earn between £300-450 NET per week.

For daily placements, Housekeepers earn a minimum or £10-14 per hour GROSS depending on hours and employment/self employment status.

Can A Housekeeper Look After Children?

It is possible to hire a Housekeeper/Nanny, this kind of role is best suited to families with older children who require small amounts of child supervision to enable the employee to take care of the house to her best ability.

Residential Or Daily

Each situation suits different households for different reasons. If you require someone to work longer hours, add security to your home and maybe look out for the children at night then a residential would be better suited to your family.

If you require someone to work less hours per week, or would like someone professional to come in, complete their tasks and leave again then a daily candidate would be better for you.


“To avoid scuffed floors when moving heavy furniture, to clean behind. Just fold two clean tea towels (dirty ones can scratch floors), place one under each end, and slide the piece across the floor.”

Shirley Ross, Housekeeper London


Visit www.tgnc.co.uk/client-registration to register your role with TGNC. Fee: £25 to register your role with TGNC and start the process.


Would like to offer the role to a TGNC candidate? TGNC will make the offer on your behalf. Fee: £100 to secure a candidate for the role.


Once you have selected those you wish to interview, TGNC will arrange these on your behalf and send you a confirmation. Free Service.


We can supply a personalised contract for your role to save you the bother of getting this in place. Fee: Included


Have someone you may wish to employ, TGNC conducts thorough background checks on candidates. Fee: £25 per candidate documentation.

Start Date

Employment begins and gone are you to do lists of what you have been putting off around the home for weeks!


We’ll get back to you within 24h on business days.